Why Dental Implants Are The Better Choice

Dental implants are tooth replacements that provide a firm long-lasting for your missing teeth. Implants protect your jawbone while bridges and dentures fail to do so. The implants make use of titanium, a material compatible with the jaw that mimics the natural tooth.

Owing to disease and injuries, millions of people suffer from tooth loss. After conducting a complete oral exam that includes taking a fresh dental x ray virginia beach, your dentist will be able to confirm if you’re a good candidate for implants. Let’s now discuss the benefits of implants.

1.  Prevents Bone Loss

Implants provide a proper fitting solution that maintains a healthy bone, while dentures need periodic replacement. The procedure gives a strong-solid base for the new artificial teeth preserving bone quality.

2.  Functions Like Normal Teeth

With implants, your teeth work just like a normal without displaying any difference from regular teeth. A denture may float on gums or move when chewing tough food, but dental implants provide stable teeth, avoiding chewing and speaking issues. The process can also be less painful than having a tooth pulled.

3.  Long-Time Investment

It is a state-of-the-art tooth replacement. The implants, with proper care and hygiene, will last for a lifetime. Unlike dentures or bridges, it is a permanent solution. With an implant, there is no need for creams and adhesives.

4.  Improved Appearance, Comfort, And Confidence

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When implants become a part of your life, it eliminates discomfort and brings back your beautiful smile. Since implants are designed to fuse naturally with your existing teeth, you can speak without any worries and have better oral health.

These are all benefits that backup the belief of many that dental implants are a better choice than dentures. In general, the success rate is very high. So, with this best alternative, bring back your smile without compromises.